Carlos Soria is removed from Dhaulagiri


The worst fears were confirmed yesterday when, in the camp 3 the Dhaulagiri, Carlos Soria and his team decided to withdraw and abandon the mountain. The appalling conditions, with strong winds and lots of snow make impracticable the top of the mountain.

Is the tenth time that Carlos says goodbye unsuccessfully to Dhaulagiri, escoyo the largest being found in their struggle for scale the 14 ochomiles the planet. But neglect is not unique to the Spanish expedition, In the absence of a more detailed confirmation the first rumors seem to point that all climbers who were on the mountain have decided to retire.

Carlos Soria and his fellow expedition return to Dhaulagiri Base Camp. The wind was very strong and…

posted by I go with Carlos Soria inThursday, 10 October 2019


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