Almost two years after the alleged double ascent without oxygen by Catalan, There are many doubts still in the air and the Kylian himself seems to never clarified. After technological leave no evidence of any of the two peaks, testimonies of expeditions that should have been crossed and own physical tests as no evidence of footsteps on top, according to Indian expedition he has reached the summit by the same route only three hours later, question the words of the Spanish climber and runner.

“It's as easy as making a call to the Indians who came to the day after my first. I found me 8.700 lowering meters. I came from the top and followed my footsteps these last 150 If you want to check meters ..., the llama "…

The words are clear defensive tone with which Kilian wanted to defend being asked in an interview for fellow ramp. As well, and here it is one of the keys to this story, as recounted by the newspaper The confidential, who after several months have managed to contact that Indian expedition, versions do not match:

“If he was on the north face, He did not summit before us”.

Kilian he recorded in The Himalaya Database its summit at 23:59 hours of the day 21 of May, reflecting a climb up the north face. At 3:15 hours of the same day, The Himalaya Database He also recorded the arrival at the top of two Indian mountaineers, Hari Prasad Y Sunda Raju. Both of them, non-professional climbers from Vijayawada, one of the poorest regions in India, They assured the newspaper that they did not cross anyone during the latter part of his ascension, and ensure that they did not see any kind of footprints or at the top or at the end of the route that ascends the north face, thus contradicting the words of the Catalan.

Lack of evidence

Dan Howitt, expert runner and mountaineer, He was one of the first who questioned the words of the Catalan: “Day by day, to believe in this ascension must keep faith in the words of Kilian”.

And today, with high technology around us and accompanies virtually all athletes of the planet during the conduct of its business, the lack of evidence in any ascent without having suffered an accident that justifies, not for nothing usual. Kilian, during his ascent was equipped with up to two altimeters to register your activity: one in the clock and another on a GPS assistant who accompanied him throughout the trip. Neither he recorded the maximum height of the mountain. The maximum height recorded by both devices remained in 8593 meters, standing to 255 meters from the top.

GPS signal Kilian during his first ascent of Everest signaled a height 8.593 meters

But it was not for lack of means… for but inri, during both the climber climbs and Catalan rider had cameras during ascent, as reflected in the documentary Path to Everest who he published a few months later. In this film no evidence does not reflect it reached the summit, but a minute of recording in total darkness at the top alleged. It is quite common for climbers set flags of their respective countries at the top. But nevertheless, recording shown by Kilian is not seen neither of these. Ascent of the second single images are below 8750 meters, each 100 below the summit.

"It is important to be as accurate as possible with the information and display material, but more vital is ensuring the safety of oneself. I care little criticism. Carry out the activity by feelings and to answer a question you have inside: I can do it?. On the other hand, it is logical that people question things and athletes we document our activities as far as possible. Also he could have gone with an oxygen chamber to ensure good images for the documentary, but for me it was more important personal experience ".

Ascents ethics

Kilian returned to defend themselves questions The confidential more than a year and a half later. “Carry out the activity to respond to an internal question: you can do it?”… But for much of the world of mountaineering there are substantial differences to make an ascent purely commercial purposes to do so by the feeling that self can arouse such ascension. And the fact that his only documentary to be viewing payment but does not reflect the contradictions of the corridor Catalan. And in our opinion, when an activity is purely commercial purposes, we believe it should be a moral obligation to the less provide the evidence of the fact that one intends to profit.

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