Power of Now, 8c (FA). By Giuliano Cameroni


The last great piece conquered by Swiss climber Giuliano Cameroni in one of his favorite playgrounds, Magic Wood. Se trata de Power of now, a spectacular collapsed extra wall that lacks nothing; with a very technical and very silky start, followed by a spectacular throw to a power strip, tiny but very net, the first section of this new line already requires maximum concentration. After a short journey and a very morpho dynamic, it's time to stand up on a tablecloth very far from the floor. What makes it a block only suitable for the bravest.

After linking all their movements on the fourth day of testing, the Swiss climber did not hesitate to propose a new 8c for this spectacular boulder.


“YES, So excited to have done this, surely one of the coolest boulders I've ever seen! A great dynamic but technical movement to the edge. The wall collapses some 60 degrees, so that, although the grips are good, they are so far apart that it is not possible to throw with your feet. Having good feeling and enough tension in the right foot to keep the movement became quite mental. Getting there is hard enough, and the last movement must be executed with the correct flow.

The key was to focus on the moment. Many times in dynamic movements it is easy to start thinking. When you are free of thoughts and fear of being wrong, just focus on now, which is an additional element that helps you ascend. Being in the present moment is not only necessary to climb, but it helps life in general, gives joy and takes the strange pressure off the selfish mind. Meditation eliminates negative ideas and helps to be comfortable with the whole body and to respect nature and other people.”, Giuliano commented after taking the spectacular line.

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