Crystal Castles Traverse, new route in Patagonia by Alex Honnold and Colin Haley


Alex Honnold and Colin Haley are taking advantage to the maximum their days climbing through the wildest Patagonia, where the good weather finally seems to have arrived. This time is Haley who shares with us these beautiful pictures of your last activity, a new route between Polone and Piergiorgio hills and the Dome-White.

“Here the last few meters are the most difficult”, por Colin Haley”

"In the mountains of Chalten, more than anywhere else I know, there is often a big difference in the overall difficulty to reach the true summit compared to some point below. It is not uncommon here that the last mountain literal meters are the most difficult (for example, Cerro Pollone and with needle Guillaumet). This type of complicated finishes help explain the puzzling fact that our promotion of Piergiorgio few days ago was only the third complete ascent of this mountain, despite the fact that it is one of the most prominent peaks here.

Alex Honnold and I return to Chalten after a four-day stay in the mountains. Due to the poor conditions to the beginning of the climate window, We had a first couple of days rather unhurried, and then a couple of days full of action. Cerro Pollone Rode, Cerro Piergiorgio and Domo Blanco. Really, but nevertheless, Cerro Pollone was an easy warm, Domo Blanco easy cooling, and Piergiorgio was through most of the climbing. Piergiorgio is a serrated saw blade of a mountain, with a precipitous wall on the west side slopes and lower angle but frost on the east side. We never put shoes rock brought, and both ended the affair with pretty sore feet by the front punteo held. Alex is very adaptable and continues to progress rapidly in developing whole alpine skills. Our original hope was to continue south passing through the Domo Blanco, but strong winds last night sent us out of the mountains. As a result, We returned to the city with three additional days of food, three additional days of fuel and a lot of pitons and nuts for rappel anchors. I regretted the fact that much extra weight had led us, on a journey that, in retrospect, I probably could have done it on a great day with light packages. Alex took overweight as an opportunity for training and learning. "

Colin Haley


Photos shared in the Instagram de Colin Haley.


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