Lucid Dreaming, 8c. By Jimmy Webb


After 9 days of constant and frequent attempts, Jimmy Webb, one of the strongest bouldering around the globe became the fifth ascent of Lucid Dreaming, one of the superlíneas of the Californian desert Bishop, in United States.

Jimmy Webb, and Lucid dreaming.

Fourth repetition confirming 8c

Paul Robinson opened a decade ago, Lucid dreaming is the result of adding a hard start sitting at Rastaman Vibration, an 8a + over 9 meters and one of the old classics of the area. It was the American climber himself, who after more than two years of trying to seize him qualify as a 8c + when he finally reached the top. But nevertheless, the passage of time and repetitions of Daniel Woods, Alex Megos, Toru Nakajima and now Jimmy Webb, They seem to confirm that their difficulty is closer to the 8c to 8c +. the line

"During my life I have always considered climber a lousy climber strips. I was convinced long ago that was too big or simply too weak done to improve this style. So with this in mind, I just stayed away. I always feel afraid to try this type of boulders because deep down I knew I was going to fail. Sometimes, but nevertheless, just you want to prove to yourself you can do it. Or the least try. This was my chance this winter season in Bishop. I came with no expectations and on the ninth day of fighting could escalate Lucid Dreaming”. Jimmy Webb.

Anyway, still it remains one of the hardest boulder problems throughout North America and remains objective of the strongest climbers in the world, and despite this, just 5 They have managed to capture him, one of the crown jewels of Bishop.


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