Nirmal Purja asciende el Cho Oyu… And already has 12 ochomiles!


Nirmal Purja has done it again. When it seemed impossible, when the whole world was talking about the impossibility of China I give rise to new permits either of its two ochomiles and as usual in the adventures of ex-soldier, always on the run, Nepali continues to surprise the world with an express ascent to Cho Oyu. It has achieved with his team of sherpas and Ecuadorian mountaineer Topo Esteban Mena, who already he followed in the footsteps of Nirmal on K2 few months ago.

#ChoOyu Latest Update: .@nimsdai and his climbing partner @gesmantamang made a successful summit of Mt. The Oyu this…

posted by Nirmal Purja MBE: "Project Possible – 14/7" inSunday, 22 September 2019


Thus Nirmal Purja is closer than ever to get complete its Project Possible, in which it is about to complete the 14 ochomiles the planet in less than 7 months, only the absence of Manaslu (8163 meters) and Shisha Pangma (8188 meters). Its main difficulty will get a permit to climb the Chinese government for Sisha Pangma. to get it, the success of the project would be virtually guaranteed.

First phase (April and May 2019), completed:

He won the last five ochomiles of this phase only 12 days and he broke his own speed record for climbing Everest, Lhotse and Makalu solo 2 days and 30 minutes 24 May 2019.

Annapurna, of 8.091 m. 23 of April.

Dhaulagiri, of 8.167 m. 12 of May.

Kanchenjunga, of 8.586 m. 15 of May.

Everest, of 8.848 m. 22 of May.

Lhotse, of 8.516 m. 22 of May.

Makalu, of 8.481 m. 24 of May.

Second level (June and July 2019), completed:

Nanga Parbat, of 8.126 m. The 3 of July

Gasherbrum I, of 8.010 m. The 15 of July

Gasherbrum II, of 8.035 m. The 18 of July.

K2, of 8.611 m. The 24 of July.

Broad Peak, of 8.047 m. The 26 of July.

Third phase (September and November 2019, in process):

Cho Oyu, of 8.201 m. The 22 of September.

Manaslu, of 8163 m. without ascending.

Shishapangma, of 8188 m. without ascending.

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