Did you know that Mount Everest is the roof of the world?


Mount Everest is, with their 8.880 meters the highest mountain in the world. But nevertheless, and despite what we have always counted, its summit is not the one closer to heaven. In the Andes mountain range, in Ecuador, There is a volcano that despite its 6.248 meters high, It puts its peak almost 2500 meters above the roof of the world known as. Mount Chimborazo is.

The earth is a planet that is not a perfect sphere. And although it has always represented a nearly perfect circle, the truth is that is elongated at the poles and bulging in Ecuador. And it is for this reason that the summit of Chimborazo, a dormant volcano in the Andes, despite having a height almost 1.800 meters lower than Everest lies its summit a 2.400 meters above.

Chimborazo is one of the highest areas of the planet, placing their locals about 20.000 meters closer to the moon than the inhabitants of the poles. And despite what we have always counted, If we measure from the center of the earth, the highest peak on the planet would not be the Everest, if not this unknown Ecuadorian volcano.


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