“The practice of 'boulder’ in certain areas of forest it causes a complete disappearance of vegetation cover, compaction and therefore a destruction of forest soil surface horizon, occasional presence of garbage and refuse and incipient contamination magnesium.

El ‘boulder’ It is particularly striking anywhere possessing plant cover, so the Forest of Blacksmithing turns out to be incompatible as a space for the practice of this sport. Especially in the areas of the corner of Castañar, around the Chair of Felipe II and the slope of the Machotas, on the old road to La Silla”.

Are the words contained in Official Gazette Thursday 04 July 2019. It aims to stigmatize the practice of climbing, mountain biking and even walking. A real nonsense pursued a single purpose: the prohibition of the practice of climbing in La Silla Felipe II (El Escorial).

Section 7: Prohibition in full practice bouldering

Section 7 SPORTS USE
Article 24. Are compatible sports uses that are practiced in areas of public access, encuenta having the general rules of behavior and the following conditions
1.- Walking or hiking: In special protection area only for existing routes and marked.
2.- Cross country skiing and snowshoeing up with: individually or small group
3.- Mountain biking and walking: Always on roads, tracks or existing routes.
4.- Offroad athletic career, cross and the like whose route locate in the common control.

Article 25. Sports uses are licensable request to the National Heritage activities to be undertaken by organized groups:
1.- Mountain bike special protection area.
2.- Offroad athletic career, Similar cross and, If your route or part of it affects the special protection area.
3.- Performing other organized sports show or exhibition.

Article 26. are not licensable in public access areas the following sports:
1.- Which require the creation of new paths or routes and signage.
2.- Which require demand or create new sports facilities or expansion of existing.
3.- Involving transit or parking motor vehicles off roads and signalized authorized.
4.- The circulation of land motor vehicles on roads, Roadway tracks or restricted, by servitudes of public domains or auxiliary belts.
5.- The ”boulder” or practice free climbing on unique outcroppings.
6.- Vivaqueo, understood as the activity of the night outdoors using the specific material for these purposes, as the sleeping bag, bivy tents or small
7.- Any other group or individual sports activity that is not appropriate because of the environmental conditions of the place or time where you do, at the discretion of the technical services of National Heritage.


Can access the B.O.E. complete in the link.

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