New Boreal Ninja: The Legend Reborn


We present the new Boreal Ninja, updating the legendary model with which the Spanish brand revolutionized the world of climbing in the years 90.

We must recognize that a small disappointment came over us Cundo we realized the little resemblance to the original model, mythical model that reigned in the walls of half the world in the nineties. Feeling dissipates as we removed from its package. The top is made of microfibers, material does not stretch much how the skin, but nevertheless it tends to drop odors before the leather, but also allows a better washing.



The new Ninja promise to perfectly fit most foot types, and our short experience with them recommend pulling down to choosing the number of our model. Its novel fastening system accommodates both ankle dramatically as the toe and heel, giving a touch of confidence and accuracy on almost any type of grip.

The rubber used is typical of Boreal for its high-performance models, Zenith. Specially designed for end edges, its rubber grip ensures first class on almost any surface. Especially recommended for use in granite, surface on which not all models are able to give their best.

In summary, the versatility of the new model with an adjustment Boreal extremely good, a bead which adheres to any surface dramatically and a leading specially designed for microcantos, It aims to compete head to head with models like La Sportiva Solution or Black Team Five Ten but with a considerable price difference.

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