Fines and imprisonment for those who ascend Mont Blanc by the Goûter route out of space in shelters: begin restrictions


The ordinance already entered into force, imposes penalties of up to 300,000 € and 2 years in prison who ascend Mont Blanc by the Goûter route without having reserved any of the square 3 shelters, which limits 264 the total number of people per day in the mountains.

The regulation has entered into force under strict threat of full compliance by local authorities, It will be in effect from 01 June and 29 September 2019 and forced to have accredited a reservation at any of the 3 Route shelters. Available options are the Gouter refuge, with 120 plazas, the Tete Rousse with 74 and the There d'Aigle with 20.

€ 300.000 sanctions are also imposed and 2 years in prison for those who do not respect the camping ban outside the permitted places. those who commit “act of rebellion against persons responsible for implementing the order of the prefecture” face sentences of up to three years in prison and fines 45.000 €, and perpetrators fraud, especially with the intention of staying without paying, face sentences of six months in prison and fines up 7.500 €.


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